Deposit Policy for Hall�s Kennel:


Purpose of deposit:

By receiving the deposit the seller, Hall�s Kennel, is agreeing to hold the puppy for the buyer and to not sell it to another party. By placing a deposit on a puppy the buyer is agreeing to purchase the dog/puppy described on the receipt. The buyer agrees to pick up the puppy or have the puppy delivered to them between the pick-up dates stated on the receipt, unless other arrangements have been made. The amount of the deposit will be applied to the final purchase price of the puppy. 


If the seller breaks the agreement:

The seller will refund the deposit in the event the pup in unavailable or unfit for sale, such as if the puppy wasn't born (if you put the deposit on a puppy before it was born), was sick, had a serious defect, or died.


If the buyer breaks the agreement:

In the event the buyer changes their mind and decides they don't want the puppy, or if no contact or arrangements have been made to pick up the puppy by the final pick-up date, the deposit will not be refunded. If the buyer has put a deposit on a puppy and didn't see the puppy in person the seller will refund the deposit in the event the puppy just isn't what the buyer wanted when they come to pick it up or it is delivered to them. In order to get a refund if the puppy isn't what the buyer expected it to be, the buyer must see the puppy in person and state their disapproval of the puppy when they first see the puppy. The buyer will still be responsible to pay the delivery charge if it was delivered to them.


If the buyer has any questions or does not agree to the terms of deposit, please contact the seller immediately.